About JPMA

About JPMA

JPMA has been involved with WIC for over 10 years in Point of Sale, WIC education and training components and participant-facing mobile applications.  Being involved with the participant from their education in the clinic to checkout at the register has provided us with a unique perspective of the challenges faced by the WIC participant.

What else does JPMA do with WIC?


Working with WIC participants from the clinic to the checkout counter has given JPMA a unique perspective on the challenges faced by families in the WIC program.  Selecting the correct WIC eligible products for your prescription can be difficult, and can lead to frustration and embarrassment at the register.  That is why we developed EBTShopper.  EBTShopper is a mobile app that loads the participant’s prescription and indicates precisely what items can be purchase with their benefits.  We even help them navigate to the Least Expensive Brand (LEB), which saves WIC money! Working together with the participants, retailers and WIC agencies, we are helping to simplify WIC shopping and increase efficiency in the WIC program.  We feel we are a prime example of the private sector using technology to help the public sector.

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